History Alive – Event Review

Our very first event of the season was History Alive, a multi period event held at Stonham Barns near Ipswich. Event History We’ve been to this event before as day trippers but this year was our first year as full attendees. History Alive is a small multi-period event which is […]

Fake News: 7 Myths About Medieval Life Everyone Thinks Are True

There is a saying: “Never let the truth get the in the way of a good story” (Mark Twain)*. With all the focus recently on Fake News, it seems like a good time to start dispelling some medieval myths most people still think are true. So, in true Cracked style, […]

5 Foolproof Clothing Tips For a Medieval Winter 2

Cold, isn’t it? Winter really is settling in and we’re feeling the nip of Jack Frost at our fingers and toes! Jumpers and coats have been got out of the loft, and new pairs of gloves purchased with silly hats! This got us thinking, what clothing would our medieval ancestors […]

History in 360: Kensington Palace 3

We have been keeping up with the historical ITV series Victoria, on ITV. Kensington Palace is featured on the show and the decision to go and visit on a day off was an easy one! Kensington Place is a small mansion built in 1605. It was purchased in 1685 by the […]

New to Reenactment? Here’s What You Need to Know 2

Reenactment is a wonderful hobby. It allows you to see amazing sights and meet new people. It can, however, come with an expensive price tag and some serious pitfalls if you don’t plan. To reduce the risk of wasting money on a hobby you find that you don’t enjoy, we suggest […]