Technology and Camping: How to Camp and Be a Nerd!

Reenactment is a great opportunity to remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the constant glare of technology. We’re transported back to a time where the only lighting was by sun and candle, posting a picture on someone’s wall was quite literally hanging a portrait, and […]

History in 360: Prehistoric Wiltshire 1

Prehistoric Wiltshire Every year, around the 21st September, the Northern Hemesphere experiences one of two Equinoxes; when night and day, light and dark are equal in length. in 2016, Paul, Niki and Mike were lucky enough to get a few days off of work to welcome in the Equinox at […]

New to Reenactment? Here’s What You Need to Know 2

Reenactment is a wonderful hobby. It allows you to see amazing sights and meet new people. It can, however, come with an expensive price tag and some serious pitfalls if you don’t plan. To reduce the risk of wasting money on a hobby you find that you don’t enjoy, we suggest […]