Hovel Kitchen: Roast Pork with Red Wine

We decided to push the boat out a bit this time and cook roast pork!

It’s been a while since we released a Saturday Medieval Kitchen! Combination of time constraints and software issues have pushed them back a bit, but have no fear! We have filmed 6 kitchens, plus this one, so lots more content coming up!!

Medieval Roast Pork with Red Wine & Mustard Seeds - The Hovel
Medieval Roast Pork with Red Wine & Mustard Seeds - The HovelThis recipe was popular in the late 1400s and would have been eaten (in various forms) by many different social classes. Although it seems that its a bit extravagant with the red wine and collection of herbs, these are actually quite common in our era. This dish goes great with the meaty peas that we’ll be releasing very soon, or with our Easy Summer Salad!
Fee isn’t a fan of roast pork (well, she loves it but her belly doesn’t!) so we actually kept a bit of the sauce aside and roasted a couple of chicken breasts. These go quite purple, but are also really tasty!

Roast Pork Ingredients

Medieval Roast Pork with Red Wine & Mustard Seeds - The HovelFor this recipe you will need:
Enough pork to feed everyone (we had 8 pieces to feed 4 and 2 chicken breasts for the non-pork-eater).
2tbsp coriander
2tbsp mustard seeds
2-3 large cloves of garlic
1cup red wine (cooking quality is fine)
pinch of salt & pepper

All of the above measurements are open to change to suit tastes!



  • Medieval Roast Pork with Red Wine & Mustard Seeds - The HovelGrind up the herbs and spices with the garlic cloves
  • pack the pork chops into an oven proof dish quite tightly
  • prick the pork to allow the marinade to soak in
  • mix your ground up herbs, spices and garlic with the red wine
  • pour the mix over the pork
  • roast in a medium heat oven for a good 2 hours (or more) with some foil over the top

Serve with some nice veg or other accompaniments!
Enjoy and please feel free to share photos and reviews!!

Check out the video of this recipe here:



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