Who We Are

The Team Members


The Hovel Household was originally made up of just two people, sisters Fee and Niki. They became an independent reenactment household in 2012 and went on to win two awards for their display (5 Tents And Under category & Best In Show). This happened again the next year, when they won 5 Tents and Under with more members! Since that time they have been meticulous about keeping it simple and authentic.

The Hovel has since grown and now has 5 core members, with more and more people acting as associate members. Lenny & Paul have been with us for a few years with Mike joining in 2014. It also helps that we are all great friends outside of reenactment and enjoy a variety of activities together throughout the year!

Without further ado, please meet: The Hovel Members

Niki is one of the two original members of The Hovel. Described as a ‘bit of a dictator’ by her sister (and probably the rest) Niki is usually the driving force behind a lot of the decisions (and the one who drives Fee to events!). Niki plays music in the camp, enjoys playing games with the public.




Fee is the second of the two original members to the group. Fee is our head of research division. With a degree in English Language and Literature, she is who we turn to for clever stuff, cooking at events and dress making. Fee’s specialist subject is alternative 15th Century -she’s currently researching the history of tattoos!




Mike is our newest member, he’s quickly risen to the ranks of Digital Communications Officer. Mike is usually the one Niki bounces ideas off of first and is eagerly getting involved in the digital side of The Hovel’s approach to interactive history! Mike proudly wears Niki’s sewing too (poor fella!).





Lenny has been a member of The Hovel from the old days! She doesn’t get to go to that many events, due to a hectic work schedule, but she’s actively involved behind the scenes and especially excited about one of our new projects (more on that later). Lenny is the joker of the group and her wise crack and one liners are hard to beat!





Paul is the oldest member (but certainly not the most sensible) of the group. He has been with us for a few years and splits his time between reenactment and LARP (we know…) and is a valued member of the group. Paul, like Ian, likes playing with swords and shiny things. We must get a picture of this at some point….!





Associate Members

The Hovel concept has grown substantially since it’s conception in 2012. We now have a group of around 15 people who are firm “associate” members. Associate members either belong to other households more permanently, or prefer to be much more independent as a rule. Associates are our good friends and with whom we happily break bread and camp with or near during events. We’ve got a wide range of associate members and their opinions matter just as much as our full-time members!