There’s a few questions we get over and over again. While we love talking to public and answering any questions, these ones come up all the time. So here are our answers!

medieval Fire pit Q: Is that a real fire?

A: Yes. It is. Using local fire wood, we will be cooking our dinner on it. We have spent a huge amount of time researching medieval cooking and love to try out new recipes!

Most of the time, when this question is asked its actually masking another question. What are you cooking for dinner? How do you keep the fire going in the rain? What did medieval people eat? How are you coking your dinner? All of these are great questions, come along and ask!

Q: Where did you buy your medieval dresses and outfits?

A: This one is asked all the time, and people are generally really surprised by our answer! We make most of our medieval kit ourselves (except shoes, we were rubbish at shoe making). We’ve made shifts (underwear), kirtles (over dresses), cloaks, hose (men’s trousers), doublets (men’s jacket), pourpoints (similar to a man’s waistcoat) as well as hats and hair pieces! Some things we buy (mostly leather goods and straw hats) but we will try to make most of our kit ourselves. So if its wonky or has a hole in it, sorry about that!

As a side note, we try to make most of our camp kit too. We’re not brilliant at wood carving, but our poles, our table and all of our pegs were made by us. The design of The Hovel (and subsequent annexe and garden room) has come from buying fabric and experimenting. Think of it like medieval bushcraft!

Q: Did  medieval people really do X?

A: We hear this all the time. Did they really play cards? Did they really cook on an open fire? Did they really wear those long dresses? Did they really have a hammock? We do thorough research for anything medieval we do, whether its a new outfit or an extension to our original hovel. Everything is fully researched and documented. We pride ourselves on finding out new information and looking different from the flock.

If you’d like a very quick insight into our research, check out our Pinterest. We’ve got boards for all sorts of topics. We pin most research we come across, both our own and other people’s. If you’ve got some interesting research please feel free to share it with us. The Hovel ethos is free sharing of research, and we have some plans in the future to make this a much bigger project! Watch this space!

Q: I bet that was expensive?3 mens morris

A: Probably not! We have a household rule to never pay over the odds for any of our medieval kit. We appreciate the skill of artisans who create kit we cannot (especially shoes…) but we also try very hard to make sure as much of our kit is handmade. This includes all the fastenings for our Hovel ‘Sun Room’, the pegs, guy ropes, most of our clay game pieces, and even our famous wonky table! Come and check us out at an event and ask us what we’ve made; we love to share!

Have a question that we’ve not answered? Just fancy saying hello? You can always drop us an email form our contact page, or get in touch via social media (on the right!). We love to talk!