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This week’s Saturday Medieval Kitchen is all about Salad!

The sun is out (hopefully) and it feels like we should be eating green things, so we’ve cooked up a lovely salad recipe for you, that doesn’t actually involve cooking! This is a very simple salad to make and the options for variation are numerous. Check out this post on available vegetables and salads from The Medieval Life and Times, to mix yours up while keeping it authentic!

Saturday Medieval Kitchen: Salad Time

You will need:

– Salad leaves – quite a lot of our salad we have no was available to our ancestors. Wild rocket, legumes (peas, beans etc) shoots, water cress, etc. Get a good mixture and pop it in! If you’re keeping it 100% authentic, we’re sorry but iceberg hadn’t been invented yet!

– Leeks – taste just like onion raw, stick a few of them in too.

– Onion – we used one, but feel free to go crazy!

– Balsamic vinegar – you can also use wine vinegar or cider vinegar.

– Olive Oil – surprisingly enough, this was quite common in a medieval person’s diet. Extra virgin olive oil is best for dressings, but you can substitute with rape-seed oil, sunflower oil, or any other edible oil you fancy to be honest.

– Herbs – We used basil, flat leafed parsley and fennel. You can use whatever you like! Dried herbs work too, but we think fresh herbs are best.
– Salt & pepper to season.

Medieval Salad - The Hovel - Saturday Medieval Kitchen

As you can see from our video, there really isn’t much to the method of this one. Chop up the onion and the leek and mix in with the salad leaves. Add the oil, vinegar, herbs, and seasonings.

Serve with you meal!

Variations: There are hundreds of variations on this very easy salad. Try experimenting with some nuts, seeds, pulses and other herbs (maybe eve spices!). you might also want to try putting in some leafy greens such as kale which has also been around for centuries.

As with most things, honey also goes well with this!

Until next time,

Team Hovel out!




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