Hovel Games: Three Men’s Morris

Three Men’s Morris  The game of three man’s Morris is similar to Naughts and Crosses. There are two players each with three game pieces. Usually, these are black and white. To win the game, you must create a line of three in your colour. The difference between Three Men’s Morris and […]

History Alive – Event Review

Our very first event of the season was History Alive, a multi period event held at Stonham Barns near Ipswich. Event History We’ve been to this event before as day trippers but this year was our first year as full attendees. History Alive is a small multi-period event which is […]

Technology and Camping: How to Camp and Be a Nerd!

Reenactment is a great opportunity to remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the constant glare of technology. We’re transported back to a time where the only lighting was by sun and candle, posting a picture on someone’s wall was quite literally hanging a portrait, and […]

History in 360: Lewes Castle

A team weekend away can only mean one thing: museums! We visited Eastbourne Redoubt Fortress and Lewes Castle on this little mini adventure in East Sussex! Here’s our review of Lewes Castle! Lewes Town While returning from a trip to the Wyntercon the team decided to stop off at the picturesque town […]

Fake News: 7 Myths About Medieval Life Everyone Thinks Are True

There is a saying: “Never let the truth get the in the way of a good story” (Mark Twain)*. With all the focus recently on Fake News, it seems like a good time to start dispelling some medieval myths most people still think are true. So, in true Cracked style, […]

History in 360: Eastbourne Redoubt Fortress 1

Eastbourne Redoubt Fortress We visited the Eastbourne Redoubt in early October 2016. Luckily for us, the weather was still absolutely glorious and allowed for plenty of selfies! We tied our visit in with a trip to Wyntercon,  a sci-fi convention hosted in the town and run by one of ur […]

Why Is The Plague Doctor Mask Terrifying?

Plague Doctor masks. The image is like a thing straight out of a horror movie! It’s design looking more like a carrion crow than a doctor! You think that’s scary? Imagine how those folks back in the 17th century felt when they opened their front door to find that standing on […]

5 Foolproof Clothing Tips For a Medieval Winter 2

Cold, isn’t it? Winter really is settling in and we’re feeling the nip of Jack Frost at our fingers and toes! Jumpers and coats have been got out of the loft, and new pairs of gloves purchased with silly hats! This got us thinking, what clothing would our medieval ancestors […]

History in 360: Stonehenge 1

This is a pretty special blog for us. Stonehenge is, not so secretly, Niki’s favourite place on earth!! When people think of Stonehenge there are probably a few different things that pop into their heads. Perhaps you think “its a bunch of rocks?” or maybe you’re on the side of […]

Stonehenge Special - History in 360 - The Hovel

History in 360: Prehistoric Wiltshire 1

Prehistoric Wiltshire Every year, around the 21st September, the Northern Hemesphere experiences one of two Equinoxes; when night and day, light and dark are equal in length. in 2016, Paul, Niki and Mike were lucky enough to get a few days off of work to welcome in the Equinox at […]