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History in 360: Prehistoric Wiltshire 1

Prehistoric Wiltshire Every year, around the 21st September, the Northern Hemesphere experiences one of two Equinoxes; when night and day, light and dark are equal in length. in 2016, Paul, Niki and Mike were lucky enough to get a few days off of work to welcome in the Equinox at […]

A Very Medieval Christmas - The Hovel

A Very Medieval Christmas From The Hovel

Ding Dong Merrily On a Hovel Ever wondered how different a medieval Christmas was to our modern counterpart? Luckily, you’re in the right place to find out! The biggest difference between Modern Christmas and Medieval Christmas, actually occurred before the big day itself. In the Medieval era, Advent was a […]

Hovel Kitchen: Apple & Fruit Pie 1

  Welcome to another edition of Hovel Kitchen! Our video has just gone live, and blew you will find the recipe for our latest treat: Apple & Fruit Pie! Pie History There is some contentious history as to where the pie originated. Did it originate in ancient Egypt (as, apparently, […]